Sugia Kivunim Beit-Midrash

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One for the Many?


Ullah bar Koshev was wanted by the [Roman] Kingdom.
He fled and went to Lod, to Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi’s.
They came and surrounded the city, and said:
if you don’t give him to us, we will destroy the city.


Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi went to him [Ullah] and appeased him,
and gave him [to the Roman authorities].


Eliahu [Hanavi], used to reveal himself to him and teach him [RYBL] .
Since that day he stopped  to reveal himself [anymore].


RYBLfasted several fasts,
and Eliahu revealed himself. and said: “Should  I reveal myself to informers?!”

RYBL responded: “didn’t I do according to the  rabbinic teaching?”

Eliahu answered: “Is this a teaching for the pious?!”

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